What Really Counts?

Photographic project exploring the idiosyncracies of local amatuer bike racing

I love the sport of cycling, I'm also skeptical about its credibility. I'm in this position not out of choice but because of my non-blinkered following of the constant stream of scandals affecting the sport. I find myself questioning the professional tier of the sport and wonder if I can trust the validity of incredible performances. Off the back of these rather depressing thoughts I decided to cover the local racing scene, in search of something more tangible and in doing so make images that convey the essence of this scene in its down to earth glory. These races may lack the romance and scale of the professional epics, and in many senses they hardly compare, but the desire to succeed is pure and the riders will hurt themselves to win regardless of the size of the prize. A longer version of these words and an alternative edit of the photos featured in Issue VIII of The Ride Journal