Photographic project exploring the relationship between mountain passes in the European alps and the sport of cycling

Set in north eastern Lithuania, near the border of Latvia and Belarus, the Ignalina twin-reactor power plant had big ambitions which would have secured a lucrative future for the people of Visaginas. However, the idea of an ex-soviet nuclear power plant in the heart of Europe that shared the same RBMK reactor technology as the ill-fated chernobyl, proved unpalatable for brussels, and its decommissioning became a central condition of Lithuania’s acceptance into the European Union.

The impact on the town of Visaginas, became the subject of a joint project with friend and fellow photographer Laurie Griifiths. As we immersed ourselves into the once closed community of largely Russian nationals that still live in the town and gained unprecedented access to the deeply-guarded inner sanctum of the power station itself, a picture of pride, survival, community and a fractured identity emerged.