Corsica 3: An everlasting off season

Our hotel was well appointed, busy with a friendly and enthusiastic host. We were staying for the last night of a family holiday. A stroll along the beach revealed that our hotel was not indicative of the rest of the 'vacationland' that is the sand bar of Pineto. The adjacent plot had seen better days, I'm guessing as a bar/restaurant/nightclub but it was hard to tell. It felt a world away from the sleepy villages and vibrant coastal towns we had seen over the previous ten days. Something hadn't worked out for this business. Was our hotel the last vestige of a busy past or the first in a new resurgence for the beachfront resort?    

Corsica 2: The old paths

Early morning on the pathway between Lama and Urtaca in Corsica.

Living on the edge

I've been toying with the idea of a new project looking at coastal communities whose homes are being left in nature's hands when it comes to sea defenses and government investment. This follows the discovery of a map that showed the stretches of coastline that are actively defended and those that are being left to the whims of the changing climate. I'm also interested in how we utilise the spaces that are substantially defended such as the undercliff walk way in Saltdean near Brighton. This small selection of images could be the beginnings of something possibly larger.

Brighton Marina and the Undercliff Walk

Birling Gap

Waiting to Arrive

Passing time on a return trip from France I made a small study of my fellow passengers on the crossing from Dieppe to Newhaven.

Alpe d'Huez

Chair-lift view of the pistes. Mainly La Sarenne, one of the longest runs in Europe.

Seaside observations In Clacton-on-Sea

A small selection of images from a day trip to Clacton-on-Sea and the typically upbeat yet slightly downtrodden charm of the british seaside.

Lanzarote black and white

Travelling from the purpose built Playa Blanca resort to the Gaia wine growing region and on to the lava fields of this volcanic european outpost.

Off season quiet

Whilst waiting for a flight out of Copenhagen in spring 2012 I took a wander round amager-strandpark and imagined how vibrant it would be on a busy summer afternoon.